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Problem 1

Every year over 1. 5 billion tyre waste is generated all over the world

Waste tyres are either dumped in the oceans, rivers, or illegal dumping sites where they become breeding grounds for mosquitoes which lead to nasty diseases like malaria & dengue.

Problem 2

Tyres take 1000s of years to decompose

It is nearly impossible for tyres to decompose as it takes 1000s of years to decompose. So, we need to act fast

Problem 3

Millions of tyres are being burned leading to toxic fumes which is harmful to human health

Our Solution

We recycle these indestructible tyres into the soles of some of the most durable footwear around.

Reasons why Fason's are good for your feet and the planet

All our eco friendly flip flops have been made with the environment and animal welfare in mind. The goal is to create products that are eco friendly and have a less adverse impact on the environment.

Our goal is to reduce waste, and ensure that all our materials are sustainably and ethically sourced.

100% VEGAN footwear does not harm or kill animals anywhere in the world. Leading us towards a greener future, Fason's are designed and created in a way that makes them responsibly-made and overall more sustainable!

Low carbon emissions would mean using energy and resources efficiently and effectively during the process of manufacturing .

Our Process

About us

Fason was founded to create a positive impact on both the world and the people around us. Our eco friendly flip flops are made by recycling tyres. So when you wear your pair of Fason, you’re pulling another tyre from an abandoned lot, or the side of the road. And not only do you get a durable, handmade eco friendly flip flop, but you do something real to help the planet earth.

Fason’s eco friendly flip flops are so unique and so like tyres, they have two redeeming features i.e. grip and durability. Well if this is not enough, they come in recycled packaging boxes, are super comfortable yet trendy, and are available in vibrant colors. We are proud to make eco friendly footwear in India in a socially and environmentally responsible manner



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